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About Omnext

Safeguarding your software quality is our mission

Omnext specializes in software analysis and was founded from the observation that organizations are becoming more and more dependent on their software applications and struggle with quality related challenges.

To help these organizations to (re)gain control of their application landscape by managing risk and increasing quality, Omnext offers both Software Quality Analysis and Test Automation solutions. 

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(Low-code) Software quality analysis
Development speed usually comes at the cost of quality and vice versa, especially with low-code platforms such as Mendix and OutSystems. But this does not have to be the case. Omnext offers the capability to analyse and safeguard the technical quality of your apps in a fully automated way. Have your applications analysed every month, every sprint or even every day as part of your CI/CD pipeline. Staying in control over your software quality has never been this easy.

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(Low-code) Test automation
Are your applications working as they should? Do your users experience your applications in a positive way? The only way to ensure this is to throroughly test every single aspect of your applications. Testing however can be quite time consuming and expensive. Not with Omnext however as we offer a test automation solution that allows you to model, auto generate or update your test cases in a heartbeat.

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