About Omnext

THE software analysis specialist since 2001. 

Omnext specializes in software analysis for almost 20 years was founded from the observation that organizations are becoming more and more dependent on their software applications and struggle with quality related challenges. To help these organizations to (re)gain control over their application landscape by managing risk and increasing quality, Omnext developed it’s own software analysis platform: The Omnext Fit Test platform.

The Fit Test platform

The Fit Test platform currently supports over 40 different programming languages and technologies, including low-code platforms such as Mendix and OutSystems, and allows users to perform what can be described as an ‘automated peer review’ whenever required.

By analyzing your applications on a frequent basis, our platform provides insight in quality characteristics based on the ISO-25010 guideline for software quality, such as Maintainability, Performance, Reliability and Security. In other words, our Fit Tests enables your development teams, and organization as a whole, to stay in control over your software’s quality at all times.