More Agility with “Fit Test 4 OutSystems” for App Development in OutSystems by Enabling Automatic Team Review

Automatically Analyzing Information for Development Team Review Based on OutSystems’ Development Best Practices.

BlueMeme Inc., a Tokyo-based IT corporation specialized in Low-Code Platform “OutSystems” (HQ: Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Masanori Matsuoka) and Omnext B.V., a source-code analytics tool providing company (HQ: Veenendaal, Netherlands, CEO: Jaco de Vries) officially announce to provide “Fit Test 4 OutSystems”, which automatically analyzes applications developed by OutSystems, in Japan on January 31st.

  It has 6 years passed since 2012 when BlueMeme introduced OutSystems to a Japanese company for the first time, and now the number of OutSystems users in Japan climb up to more than 110. OutSystems’ visual modeling feature enables developers to review their progress in team more easily; however, the more the size of applications grows, the more difficult and time-consuming it takes to review. Also, many OutSystems users wonder what standard or metrics to use for development in OutSystems. To overcome such challenges, BlueMeme and Omnext have a partnership in Japan to provide Fit Test 4 OutSystems (FT4O), showing analyzed information for users based on OutSystems development standards and best practices. Main characteristics of FT4O are as follows;

Main characteristics of FT4O are as follows;

Main Characteristics of FT4O

 Omnext gathers its core sources of best practices not only from OutSystems but also many of OutSystems partners and embed them to the product. Based on the best practice items, the portal shows “which element violates best practice items” and “how much impact such violation gives on the targeted application”.

In case applications are not followed by best practice rules, the portal shows level of impact and difficulty to fix. Developers can easily understand what to fix next and plan it in the next splint. As the portal describes how to fix each violation, it is easy for them to follow unified rules during development.

FT4O performs analytics of applications automatically by uploading OutSystems application in OAP file. Users can view the result of not only single scan, but also of comparison with previous scan history, it is very useful and easy for them to check what has improved since the last scan. Also, it does not involve any developers or team leaders in this analytic process, so it helps them to standardize the development and speed up team review in splint.

About BlueMeme Inc.

Name  :BlueMeme Inc.

CEO     :Masanori Matsuoka

HQ       :2-3-12 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

Founded in:December, 2006

Capital :368.5 million yen (including capital reserve)

URL     :

BlueMeme is the first company in Japan to introduce the low-code development platform “OutSystems” in 2012 and has provided customers with related service, sales, localization, training and product support while providing business system development and consulting service with the combination of OutSystems + Agile Development. We also started a new service “agile SDK (Service Delivery Kit)”, organizing Agile Development methodology and technology into “architecture”, ”process”, ”team”, for Japanese companies starting Agile Development. This “agile SDK” has variety of new generation technology and will be adjusted to customers’ IT environment. In addition to the technology, by accelerating the growth of team members, BlueMeme will further support the delivery of business systems which are flexible to respond to rapid changes in business environment to improve the company’s competitiveness.