Boomi Quality Analysis

All your Boomi quality insights in one (Saas) platform 

The Omnext Fit Test Platform has been developed by Omnext to enable clients to analyse and monitor the technical quality of their applications in a fully automated way. The platform currently supports over 50 different technologies, varying from regular-code technologies such as JAVA, JavaScript and C# to low-code and integration technologies such as Boomi.

The Fit Test platform allows users to perform what can be best described as an ‘automated peer review’, analysing your entire Boomi model. By running the analyses on a frequent basis, the platform provides insight in quality characteristics based on the ISO-25010 guideline for software quality, such as Maintainability, Performance, Reliability and Security, Open Source and Boomi best practices.

Portfolio management

Monitor the quality of your Boomi apps

The Fit Test Platform provides users with the key evaluation information. The Dashboard shows the Overall Risk Score, Risk Scores per risk area (Maintainability, Security, Performance and Reliability and  number of findings.

A Heatmap shows which parts of an application (modules) require attention the most. 

Quality analysis

Pinpoint findings and improvement area’s

Deep dive into the evaluation results. Where the Dashboard shows overall risk scores, the Risk Findings view shows all findings per specific Best Practice Rule.

This view shows exactly how many, and where findings have been found. It also offers the possibility to accept findings by whitelisting them. Any whitelisted findings will be logged and create an audit trail for other users.


Develop Safe and Secure low-code apps at High Speed 

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