Curiosity Software, Omnext and Specialisterren announce “code-less” test automation for low code applications

The integrated solution converts analysis of low code applications into rigorous scripts and data, with specialist services available on demand.

By: Curiosity Software Ireland

BRAY, Ireland – May 14, 2020 – Curiosity Software Ireland, specialist vendor in model-based testing, announces its partnership with Omnext, experts in software quality monitoring, and Specialisterren, a pioneering Social Enterprise dedicated to test automation. The joint offering builds rigorous tests directly from low-code apps, delivering quality at the speed of low code development.

Low-code development accelerates software delivery, enabling “Citizen Developers” to release software without manually coding. This rapid innovation requires equally rapid QA, testing each release within short iterations.

Manual test execution cannot match the speed of low-code development. QA therefore requires test automation, as otherwise releases risk costly bugs. However, automated testing typically requires slow and complex scripting – precisely what low-code seeks to avoid.

This is why Curiosity Software and Omnext have integrated Curiosity’s Test Modeller with the Omnext Fit Test Platform, offering rapid test automation that is accessible low-code developers.

The automated approach enables Citizen Developers to rigorously test fast-moving apps, moving from automated application scans to test execution in a few simple steps. The Omnext Fit Test Platform first analyses the quality of low code applications using recognised standards, providing granular risk-based insights. This furthermore analyses the app’s components and underlying logic, automatically building a model of the application under test. Curiosity’s Test Modeller converts these models into intuitive visual flowcharts, applying “coverage” algorithms to generate a complete test suite.

This “code-less” automation designs tests built to expose bugs that have arisen in the planned release. The tests are also customisable, generating scripts even for complex systems, with Specialisterren on hand to provide expert test automation services.

Bryan de Vries, Chief Commercial Officer at Omnext, comments:

“As todays organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on software, both development speed and overall quality have become key factors for success. Low-code platforms such as Mendix and OutSystems already offer the required development speed. On top of that Omnext already enables organizations to monitor their application’s non-functional quality in fully automated way. However, there was still a gap to fill in: ensuring functional-quality, at speed. This is where code-less test automation comes in. It allows low-code developers to apply existing skills when testing applications rigorously in-sprint”.

James Walker, Director of Technology with Curiosity Software adds that:

“Curiosity are very familiar with the challenge of testing fast-changing, increasingly complex systems. It’s a problem posed previously by iterative development, and one for which model-based test automation is well-equipped. The addition of Fit Test further increases the velocity and simplicity of model-based test design, making it even easier to maintain test suites in short sprints.”

Specialisterren Managing Director, Sjoerd van der Maaden, observes how:

“To test at the speed of system change, system modifications must be mirrored seamlessly in tests and data. Fit Test and Test Modeller offer a first-of-kind solution for low code applications, requiring little to no manual test maintenance. The flexible approach will already be familiar to low code developers, with Specialisterren on hand to help you test rigorously today.”