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Omnext is specialized in source code analysis. Results of such an analysis help you to improve your processes, project lead time and business management. Performing good maintenance on your source code, results in less provisional work. With ongoing control and monitoring your maintenance costs and development costs can be reduced. While at the same time working on a flexible, agile and future proof business. (Security) risks will be put in perspective and all the (invisible) possibilities in your software, will be revealed.

Omnext provides services on five focus areas: Flexibility (maintainability), Security risks, Open Source (licensing), Cloud migration and Legacy (modernization).

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Fit Test

An Omnext Fit Test is a one-off objective and fully automated test to reveal and qualify not only risks, but also possibilities in your software. How maintainable is your software? The source code analysis reveals intelligence to improve your business in just one ‘upload’.

Stay Fit

The Stay Fit program is in fact a ‘repeated’ form of the Fit Test. Continuously analysing the quality of your applications helps you to stay in control over your application landscape and ensure future-proofness. 

Get Fit

Together with you we built your future. We help you and your business to immediately and continuously improve. Our experts have a hands-on focus on improving (the development) your software. Next to that, we train teams to develop lasting skills.

Supported technologies

Omnext currently supports, amongst others, the following technologies. 



Microsoft .NET (C#)



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