Reducing software risks by looking at the source code




“As digitalization continues to transform the way organizations do business,

every technology decision becomes a business decision.

(Gartner, 2016)


About Omnext

Omnext has a history in rebuilding legacy-systems to new systems. An organization build over time, that gathered knowledge and experience through practice. In de past 15 years, Omnext build its reputation as a specialist in source code analysis. We know over 40 different technologies and have hand-on experience with each of them. This makes our expertise real, and only this expertise makes us able to understand our clients’ problems, software risks and, at the same time, opportunities. Our flexible and customer-oriented approach helps us to achieve the highest result for our clients. Find out more about our services here.

software risks

Our mission

Revealing possibilities to give organizations more control, transparency and flexibility when it comes to their software. We help our clients to discover a long term vision. We reduce software risks and reveal possibilities. By doing so, IT strategies will be linked to business strategies, giving the organizations the opportunity to create opportunities not just on the short term. Achieving goals and improving our clients’ outcomes: that is our goal.

Our Vision

Omnext strives for healthy and future-proof technology organizations. Nowadays every organzation is a digital organization. Omnext gives them the opportunity to find balance in several preconditions of digitalization. A balanced form of security, reliability and agility adds value to our clients’ businesses. Reaching for ultimate flexibility and competitiveness in their market.