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Our consultants don’t ‘just’ give advice, they prioritize risks and place results into context. When talking about source code and software quality, the term quality is rather subjective. Quality can have a entirely different meaning to one, than it has to another. At Omnext we are striving to find answers to questions like: ‘which risks are creating immediate danger and which risks are we willing to take?’. The answers can be found when using diverse methods and metrics and by using our knowledge and experience. The answers will lead to results on business level. We strive for increased efficiency, productivity and at the same time, cost reduction. We are continuously linking business to software: your situation is starting point!

Our consultancy forms an additional service on the Fit Test, creating the Fit Test +. When using this service in a repetitive program, we speak of a Stay Fit +.


Fit test+

Omnext performs Fit Tests in four focus areas: Maintainability, Security, Open Source and Cloud Fitness. But that is not all! Our Expert Review is substantial part of our service, it adds value. That is why we call our Fit Test including an Expert Review, a Fit Test+. An additional review on your automatically generated results, to prioritize risks and to reveal possibilities which can only be seen and identified by the human eye. By linking business to software we can find out which risks and possibilities can not be ignored.

Stay fit+

Good, healthy software means less maintenance costs, less time to market and definitely less required effort to keep up with changes in the market for which software changes are required. Our in-house expertise and experience helps you to prioritize risks and create opportunities. The Omnext Stay Fit+ program contains the Fit Test combined with our Expert Review over a longer period of time so both you and Omnext are monitoring changes, risks and opportunities and putting them in context. Stay Fit+: Our experts help you to continuously monitor your software, reducing risks and creating new opportunities.

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