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We are specialized in source code analysis: the Omnext Fit Test. This is a one-off objective and fully automated test to reveal and qualify not only risks, but also possibilities in your software. How maintainable is your software? The test is based on quality models, Standards & Guidelines and your own corporate risk policy. We always use our own experience and knowledge to place the results in context right away. The source code analysis reveals intelligence to improve your business in just one ‘upload’.

We have to different options to analyze your source code: a Fit Test (one-off) or a Stay Fit program in which Fit Tests will be done repeatedly. The differences are made clear in the two boxes below.


Fit test

Do you want to know how fit your software is? Are you future-proof and secure? We provide a solution to measure whether you are ready: the Omnext Fit Test. Through our source code analysis (Fit Test) several areas of focus can be highlighted: Maintainability, Security, Open Source and Cloud Fitness. All of the test are based on Best Practices (Standards & Guidelines), which are integrated in our metrics of the source code analysis: the Omnext Fit Test.

Stay fit

Only by measuring and continuously monitoring your process details, improvements can be made. A one-off analysis might give you insights you did not have before, repeatedly performed tests give you actionable information to compare. The right basis for improvement. Our Stay Fit program contains several Fit Test over a period of time entirely build around Best Practices and your own business rules. Though our source code analysis: the Omnext Fit Test, we test how your software is build regarding standards but also specifically regarding your own situation and what you find important. Only relevant and objective results give you guidance to improve.


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