Meet us at: Brexit & Global Expansion Summit
16-18 October 2016, London O2 arena

On the 16th till the 18th of October, over 1.000 business leaders and 130 speakers will convene for a three-day conference and exhibition to discuss the impact of Brexit on global expansion and its worldwide implications on business strategies. One of many items is to discuss models for the post-Brexit era: “Only the agile ones will survive”. Agility and source code analysis are inseparable. The consequences and impact of the Brexit can only be managed when organizations are flexible enough to change whenever they need to. Brexit and source code are combination which should not be undermined.

Together with executives of Lufthansa, Telis, Bulgarian Government and Emerging Europe we focus on IT Outsourcing & Security. Tjay Tjiook, VP International sales of Omnext will share his views how Brexit, agility and security can go hand in hand. He will tell you everything you need to know about the combination agility, Brexit and source code. Tjay will be speaking on the 17th of October.

More about Tjay Tjiook:

Tjay Tjiook is a passionate entrepreneur in IT and electronics. He worked in ERP, consulting, automotive (Scania) and electronics (Squarell). At Omnext, he now leads an international team, helping companies to optimize IT applications by analyzing source code. By reducing risk in source code companies gain agility and reduce costs. The most recent risk keywords in the world of source code are complexity, security, licensing and legacy migration.

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