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Fit Test 4 Mendix


Our source code analysis: the Omnext Fit Test 4 Mendix is an objective and fully automated baseline measurement of your Mendix source code. Where are the problem areas and where are the opportunities? The test is based on Mendix Standards & Guidelines that have been completed in the system with our own expertise to put in the context of your business as equal results. As you want it. Outcome of source code analysis intelligent information to improve the business: in one upload.

The different options are a on-time Fit Test or a full year Stay Fit program where your Fit Tests are conducted sequentially to keep learning & improving.

The STAY FIT PROGRAM for Mendix:


• Fully automated testing of dozens of Best Practices (Standards & Guidelines) for the Mendix MDD.
• Ready to use cloud based analysis anywhere and anytime you need.
• The Stay Fit test prevents you from making (recurring) ‘starters mistakes’.
• Not just a report about abstract meta-data but revealing details for business engineers to actually work with.
• Automated Peer Review to improve the knowledge and quality of your developers.

Categories of Standards & Guidelines


▪ Performance: checks on common problems which slow down or paralyse apps.
▪ Security: checks completeness of security model (access rules) and on known leaks.
▪ Maintainability: checks best practices regarding data model, modularity.
▪ Conventions: checks model on complying folder and naming conventions.



* Dashboard with all mayor statistics on the quality of your apps.
* Quality evaluation of your apps based on ISO 25010
* Validation of your apps on the Mendix Best Practices – Standards & Guidelines:
* Performance
* Security
* Maintainability
* Conventions
* Trend analysis
* Visual analysis of dependencies
* Identify clones in your apps
* Notes analysis

Based on a yearly subscription you can run an unlimited amount of scans on your application.

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