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Fit Test

Do you want to know how fit your software is? Are you future-proof and secure? We provide a solution to measure whether you are ready: the Omnext Fit Test. Through our source code analysis (Fit Test) several areas of focus can be highlighted: Maintainability, Security, Open Source and Cloud Fitness. All of the test are based on Best Practices (Standards & Guidelines), which are integrated in our metrics of the source code analysis: the Omnext Fit Test.

Fit Test+

Omnext performs Fit Tests in four focus areas: Maintainability, Security, Open Source and Cloud Fitness. But that is not all! Our Expert Review is substantial part of our service, it adds value. That is why we call our Fit Test including an Expert Review, a Fit Test+. An additional review on your automatically generated results, to prioritize risks and to reveal possibilities which can only be seen and identified by the human eye. By linking business to software we can find out which risks and possibilities can not be ignored.