Software quality, flexibility, security or open source: your situation is key to the solution






By measuring the flexibility and maintainability of your software following the framework of the ISO 25010, diverse conclusions can be made on areas such are technical debt, reduction of costs and productivity. Omnext measures maintainability not only on this framework, but uses many more methods and metrics. We do this to make sure that the outcomes of our source code analysis are as unbiased as possible and shed a light on every aspect of the source code, including the context in which it is built. No one-sided results, but actual intelligence: produced to help you in your specific situation.

Our scales include on the one hand ‘rules’ as they are described in the ISO framework, and on the other hand, Best Practices which are part of Standards & Guidelines. To come to unbiased and objective results, rules need to be clarified at the beginning of the process. Our many years of experience in the field of software development as well as software analysis makes us capable of interpreting the results on the right level, made-to-measure.