02-05-2017 – VEENENDAAL – In order to be of even better service to the Mendix community and to also make better use of their expertise, Mendix Best Practices have been published on GitHub by Omnext. A complete list (constantly supplemented by users themselves) provides a fully up-to-date platform for quality analysis: the Fit Test 4 Mendix.

Source code analyst Omnext has spent the past year on the Fit Test 4 Mendix: the analysis platform that analyses and preserves the quality of Mendix applications. A large part of this quality is the ISO guideline for software quality, but because of the modelling properties of Mendix, the Best Practices play at least as big a role in this.

In this way, GitHub is used for its intended purpose: deploying the widely acclaimed close community (of Mendix) for product improvement and innovation. The members of the Mendix community indeed know best what is going on within their development environment. By making Best Practices accessible through GitHub, the Fit Test can be improved and the results are even better applied.

Omnext aims to contribute to improving the quality and maintainability of all Mendix applications and realizes that this can only be done by calling on the community. Everyday violations should be easily detected and prevented. Through the collection and qualification of the Best Practices by our Mendix partners, the Fit Test 4 Mendix can provide the most added value. You can find the link to GitHub here: https://github.com/Omnext/omnext.github.io

Will you support the community to improve quality in Mendix applications?

Look on www.omnext.com or https://github.com/Omnext/omnext.github.io contact Bryan de Vries (Omnext), mobile +31(0) 6 34 735 375 for more information.



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