The last few months our focus has been on source code analysis services as well as expanding our reach. As always you might say, however, focus shifted from ‘just’ The Netherlands to… overseas! In the United Kingdom we opened an office in Birmingham to support the British customers. Birmingham, the second largest city of the UK, is centrally located and reaches out to 80% of the British IT economy in a 125 miles range. The UK is ready for source code review services. Agility in the information systems is needed to cope with new regulations (Brexit) and the increased dependency of business on IT. Source code review reveals the risks and possibilities.

Our new USA Office reaches out to the North east of the United States and Canada. Boston (MA) is the stronghold from where new business is developed. Omnext consultancy is a large part of business. With the Omnext virtual office environment the services anywhere in the region can be delivered. The high office virtualisation result in a 1-1 customer experience without jeopardizing the efficiency and quality of services.


Jaco de Vries CEO of Omnext, “To reach out to markets outside the Benelux is based on the growing customer demand these area’s . By investing proactively in the virtualisation of services and our sales network we are on a track of accelerated growth. Expansion of business in other regions will follow.

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