The Omnext® portal

Every Omnext client receives a login to their personal Omnext® portal, regardless assignment, used technology or license. The portal is developed by Omnext and it functions as a cloud-based platform on which all the results of the Fit Test(s) are shown. The portal exists of a managerial dashboard, which functions as a ‘gateway’ to the actual source code. The Omnext® portal forms an immediate link between Business and IT.


The Health Check on your dashboard

The Omnext® Portal is equiped with a management dashboard which shows an overview of the Health Check quality model. The Progress diagram shows the changes in violations in your source code. As explained in the previous article about the Health Check the different...

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New: A city map to visualize your source code

The Omnext® Portal has been updated with a new quality model: the Health Check. Following a diagram that visualizes the source code as a city map, violations in the system can be shown. Just like a real-life city, the map contains different districts and buildings....

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