Fit Test 4 OutSystems

Do you want to know how fit your OutSystems application is? Whether or not it contains potential maintainability, performance or even security risks? In other words, do you want to gain full control over your application?

The solution is our automated ‘code review’: The Omnext Fit Test. The Omnext Fit Test consists of an automated evaluation of your application against OutSystems Best Practices and ISO-25010 software quality guidelines.  

To celebrate the global partnership between OutSystems and Omnext, as well as our partnership with KPMG,  we are offering a free one time only special version of the Fit Test for organisations or companies that have a valid OutSystems license: the ‘Quick Fit Test’


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When can I make use of this offer?
  • Only organisations or companies that have an OutSystems EnterpriseUniversal or other paid license can register for the Quick Fit Test. 
  • You have to register with a valid company-email address. Registrations with ‘personal’ email-addresses will not be processed. 
How does it work?

What will you get?
  • A one-time free analysis of an OutSystems application of your choosing. The only condition is that you are the owner of the actual application.
  • A Quick Fit Test report which contains an overview of your overall quality score and a listing of the top OutSystems Best Practice Violations in your application related to:
    1. Maintainability
    2. Performance
    3. Reliability
    4. Security
After the Quick Fit Test?
After the Quick Fit Test you will get the paid option of having your application analysed in more detail (Fit Test+) and/or on a frequent basis (Stay Fit). 

  • Omnext Online Portal. After the Quick Fit Test you will get the choice of having your application analysed in more detail. You will get access to the analysis results which are presented in the Omnext Online Portal which contains an interactive analysis dashboard.
  • Expert Review. If wished for, experts from our partner, KPMG, will conduct a so called Expert Review on your application and draft up a detailed improvement report.
  • Stay Fit. You can have your application analysed every month, every week or even every day. This will help you to monitor the quality of your application during development and make sure you stay in control!
How much does it cost?
  • Nothing! The Quick Fit Test is for free during entire month of February 2019.
  • After the Quick Fit Test, you will get an option to purchase a more detailed analysis called a Fit Test+ or a Stay Fit License. These services are not for free.
More information
  • Click here to download the Fit Test 4 OutSystems Fact Sheet which provides you with more information.


  • Click here to read Mike Hugh’s blog: ‘Maintainable Code in the Era of Low-Code’.

What our partners say about the Fit Test 4 OutSystems

IT teams using low-code platforms are moving faster than ever. With this ability to build and iterate on new apps quickly, it’s imperative that the code we build or layer onto existing systems isn’t introducing new legacy debt.  Research tells us that it’s 4 to 5 times more costly to fix an issue post-deployment than to find and fix it in the testing phase. The new services developed through our partnership with Omnext give organizations the peace of mind to know that new apps and functionality aren’t introducing unnecessary risk and won’t impact service delivery or availability.

Mike Hughes

Senior Director of Product Marketing, OutSystems

OutSystems delivers a platform that can take a lot of the burden out of the developers’ hands when adopted successfully. Regardless of whether development occurs with a low-code platform, such as OutSystems, or with more traditional programming, development is rarely perfect and errors can, and usually will, occur. The rules of clean code still apply for low-code platforms if one wants to prevent duplicate actions, ambiguous naming of variables, and tightly coupled modules. Tools like Fit Test 4 OutSystems by Omnext allows us to do an efficient and automated deep-dive into the technical quality of the developed software and help our clients to improve the quality and maintainability of their solutions.

Joost Koedijk

Partner Digital Enablement, KPMG

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