I’ve just been inspired by our minister for Public Health Edith Schippers who is calling for our food and lifestyle to be made healthier.  For me, every other day is an opportunity to pick up issues that haven’t been addressed before. Personally and given my age, I think that I’m in quite good shape J. So I’m only focussing on software, for example a diet for Uniface® applications.

Using up source code

A characteristic for applications built in Uniface® is that they have invariably been contributing to critical business processes of organizations for many years. In fact, these types of applications are functionally everlasting.  A characteristic of these types of application that have been in operation for a long time, is that they suffer from a form of source code overweight. This is because software developers rarely have the opportunity to achieve a balance day, which is needed in order to remove excess functionality from source code. Functional fat then automatically occurs on the application body.

Experienced, but also Fit?

It is expected of these applications, which include extensive knowledge of and about the business processes, that they can move with changing demand and technological developments. Fortunately, the Uniface® development product provides opportunities for this, thus a vital old age is within reach for these applications.

The diet …

In order to keep your application up to par, it helps if you first get the application to the right weight. This can be done by identifying source code overweight, such as the fat in complexity, dual and unused source code.  After this, it’s helpful if the training is focused on losing weight around the vital parts. Experience shows that this usually only covers 20% to 30% of the application body.

Take action!

This brings me to the older but socially so important applications. They’re also entitled to a vigorous old age. When the world power may be in the hands of a pensioner who uses the latest technologies, then our software crown jewels certainly deserve a vital future. This in an eco-system of new technological applications.

Jaco de Vries

Jaco is director at Omnext, a company that investigates the vitality of software applications with the aid of Fit Tests and Stay fit programs.

Jaco de Vries

Jaco de Vries

CEO Omnext

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