Software quality, flexibility, security or open source: your situation is key to the solution

What do we measure?

When measuring the status of software the focus area can be different any time. Your specific situation decides on what area the focus should be, for example on software quality, maintainability, security or cloud fitness? Your company might be needing to change and do it fast and flexible: in that case reducing complexity in your software can be of great help. Are you using software that doesn’t need to change and never does, complexity shouldn’t be such a big issue but there might be other weaknesses when, for example, wanting to move your system to the Cloud. Your situation is key! Omnext measures, among other focus areas: software quality, maintainability, security, use of Open Source and Cloud Fitness.


The context is leading

None of our clients are in the same situation, ever. All of their source code is different, is built by different people and requires different needs. At Omnext we want our source code analysis to be objective, transparent and reproducible. That’s the only way in which we can actually make a difference for our clients and get them to improve their software and their businesses.

Our way of measuring is unbiased and independent. We use different industry accepted methods, scales and metrics for our Fit Test. Different methods to make sure that no side of the source code stays in the dark, and to get straight to the point.


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