Get a grip
on your software

Being dependent on software should not be a problem, this only becomes a problem when software is not reliable, not sufficient and/or not based on good fundaments. By having low quality software, you risk having your strategy set by your software rather than having them support your strategy. Source code analysis helps.


Source code analysis helps

Most companies are not aware of the many risks they are taking by using software that just ‘functions’. The requirements that are tested are mainly focused on functions, design and usability. But what about the foundation of your software? Do you know what the code of your software contains? ‘Bad code’ can lead to a slower time to market, less flexibility and more costs. By testing only the functional aspects of your software, focus lies on short term solutions. At Omnext we care about your future. We want you to get in control. By doing source code analysis, long term solutions can be found in the source code of your software. Let us help you to integrate your IT-strategy in your business strategy. Do you know if your software is future-proof?

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