KPMG is to work closely with Omnext, a Dutch software analysis services provider and the first OutSystems-recognised Code Review Partner. The partnership will enable KPMG to provide organisations using OutSystems-based software with a better understanding of the maintainability, reliability, performance and security of their application portfolio. In particular, KPMG will use Omnext’s Fit Test 4 OutSystems tooling for the static analysis of applications built using the OutSystems platform.

Long-term relationship

KPMG has a long-standing relationship with OutSystems. “OutSystems and KPMG Portugal have been providing a number of special IT solutions together since 2010,” says Joost Koedijk, Digital Enablement partner at KPMG Netherlands and globally responsible for KPMG’s Software Quality practice. Koedijk: “This resulted in an official partnership in 2011. The companies are working together closely to steer the digital transformation efforts of a number of highly regulated industries in the right direction. This applies, for example, to both the banking sector and telecommunications. KPMG Portugal employs more than 70 OutSystems-certified professionals. In 2018, we expanded our partnership with KPMG Netherlands and developed a new Center of Excellence for OutSystems based on the existing capacity. In the same year, KPMG was named Partner of the Year by OutSystems.”

Jaco de Vries, CEO of Omnext, adds: “Our Fit Test 4 OutSystems platform allows us to continuously, automatically and transparently monitor the quality of our clients’ software developed with the OutSystems platform. In 2018, Omnext was already recognised by OutSystems as its first official Code Review Partner and, in our view, the collaboration with KPMG is the next step in enabling organisations at an international level to make the most of the power of the low-code platform by guaranteeing quality. In addition, KPMG offers a high level of OutSystems knowledge, enabling us to continuously improve our Fit Test platform. In other words, a collaboration with a future-oriented perspective.”

Decrease maintenance burdens

For more than a decade now, KPMG has been helping customers gain insight into the technical quality of their applications on traditional platforms, such as .NET, Java and PHP. Koedijk: “With Fit Test 4 OutSystems, KPMG is expanding its software quality consulting services to include the OutSystems platform. When applied correctly, OutSystems offers a platform that can relieve developers of a lot of work. Implementations entail challenges that are similar to traditional development platforms, and in general errors will occur. A tool such as Fit Test 4 OutSystems enables us to perform a thorough automated analysis of the technical quality of the software. In this way we can help our customers to improve the quality and maintenance of their software solutions.”