‘Code-less’ test automation
curiosity test modeller integration

‘Code-less’ test automation

Omnext is the only software analysis company that offers a platform that supports the analysis of multiple different low-code platforms. No matter if you are using Mendix, OutSystems or BettyBlocks, the Omnext Fit Test platform enables you to continuously monitor the technical quality of your low-code apps in a fully automated way.

In addtion, Omnext is the only low-code analysis platform that fully integrates with the Curiosity Test Modeller. The Curiosity Test Modeller allows you to create test-cases by modelling instead of coding. This enables testers to create test cases for test automation a lot faster and more accurate.

As Omnext analyses the actual model of your low-code application, the Omnext Fit Test platform is able to create an ‘application blueprint’ of your low-code app. This ‘blueprint’ contains all pages, text boxes, buttons, logic, relations, data-types etc. and forms the perfect basis for automatically generating test cases. Linking the Omnext Fit Test platform to the Curiosity Test Modeller via an API integration, you will be able to automatically generate new test-cases and update existing test cases after each Omnext analysis in a heartbeat.

By partnering up, Omnext and Curiosity have created a unique solution that addresses both the need for non-functional quality (low-code reviews) and functional quality (automated functional testing).

Watch the video below to learn more.