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Low-code Test Automation
Low-code test automation

Do your apps do what they are designed to do?

Low-code platforms allow organizations to develop applications faster than they can imagine. This is great, but how can Quality Assurance and Testing keep up with this high development speed? Low-code Test Automation with the Omnext Test Automation platform called JOSF offers the answer.


JOSF offers the full package. You can create packages and objects, automate the UI tests, perform tests an different browsers using the unique playbooks and use environment management.


It also support API testing and has a full CI/CD integration.

Platform integration

JOSF integrates seamlessly with your low-code platform such as Mendix or OutSystems.


Full insight in the quality and performance of your applications.

UI and API automation

Speed up your test process and combine screen and service testing.


Easily set up and run your scenarios with our unique playbooks.

Continuous integration

Integrate your JOSF tests with CI/CD solutions to secure your software quality.

Quality analysis integration

JOSF seamlessly integrates with Omnext Quality Analysis platform making test automation even faster.

Version control

Share and keep track of your test cases with industry standard version control.

When to consider JOSF

Do you face these challenges?

  • You want to develop faster, keep velocity, while maintaining quality?
  • Manual testing and poor quality slow down your development?
  • Defects are and “leaking” to user testing and users are getting dissatisfied?
  • You believe test automation requires programming and technical skills.
  • You think you do not have time for test automation because it requires a lot of work?
  • You want to prevent repetitive testing tasks and want to unburden your testers?
Ready to take the next step in OutSystems QA?
Unique add-ons for Mendix

Reduce effort with 50%

JOSF for Mendix offers unique feature to automatically recognise and import Mendix objects like page elements and API’s.  These objects are automatically added to your tests. Changes to your Mendix apps are processed automatically as well.


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