Nowadays software software development is all about speed. Users have ever-changing requirements and development teams need to be able to deliver at light speed. However, there is a delicate balance between speed and quality. Higher quality software leads to less bugs, is easier to maintain and easier to adapt to changing requirements. By continously monitoring the quality of your applications, your organization or team stays in control while being able to deliver high quality AND high speed.


Before taking an existing application into maintenance, you want to know what the current technical status of this application is. By executing a fully automated, one-time analysis, you will get instant insight in the technical state of the application in scope. Now, you can use this information to make accurate calculations on maintenance effort and costs BEFORE you start. Hence, saving you from the technical debt surprise that lures around the corner!


Are you planning to invest in- or acquire an organization? In this case, you may have already conducted a thorough financial due diligence. However, what if software is one of the key value adding components in this organization? Are you fully aware of the risks this software may contain? To help you gain insight in the risks related to investing in- or acquiring software, Omnext can execute a Software Due Dilligence. During the Software Due Diligence, Omnext will evaluate the application on maintainability, security, the use of open source and licensing and future-proofness.


Today’s organizations are becoming more-and-more dependent on their software systems. These software systems need to be able to adjust to changing environments and requirements. Thus, software legacy is becoming an increasing challenge for these organizations. Modernizing these legacy systems is becoming a must-do, but this also comes with challenges. What business logic is in my existing application? Which parts may be re-used? What are current dependencies between components? Omnext can provide you with the required insight to deal with these modernization challenges.