Low-Code Quality Assurance

Are you using a low-code platform such as Mendix or OutSystems? 

Fear not! Omnext is the only software analysis platform that does not only support ‘regular code’ technologies such as JAVA or C#, but also has full support for so called Model Analysis. This allows you to analyze and safeguard your low-code applications just the same as you would do with your regular code apps. 

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Low-code analysis

Get the most out of your low-code platform

Everyone knows that low-code platforms such as OutSystems and Mendix are very suitable for creating (complex) applications fast and relatively easy.

However, when innovation and speed are taking the lead, do we care enough about the quality of our applications? Do you have insight in the maintainability, security, reliability and performance of your application?

This are questions that software developers should be concerned about. Their challenge however is time. Trying to safeguard the quality of your low-code apps by executing regular manual ‘code-reviews’ can be incredibly time consuming and thus very costly.

This is were Omnext helps out. Omnext is the only software analysis company that offers a platform that supports the quality analysis of multiple different low-code platforms based on Industry Best Practices and the ISO-25010 guideline for software quality. 

Have your low-code apps analysed after every sprint, every week or even every day.

The automated analysis will save you valuable time which is now spent on manual reviews and the insight provided will help your development team to excel and become more effective.

Omnext named OutSystems Technology Alliance Partner

OutSystems has officially launched their Technical Alliance program and we are proud to announce that we are one of the featured partners for low-code quality assurance.   Read more

"We believe that low-code platforms such as OutSystems offer great possibilities, but only if you stay on top of your app's quality. Speed should never come at the cost of quality.”

Bryan de Vries - CCO Omnext

Bryan de Vries
https://www.josf.nl/‘Code-less’ test automation

Auto-generate test cases without writing code

Omnext is the only low-code analysis platform that fully integrates with the Valori test automation tool JOSF. JOSF allows you to create test-cases by modelling instead of coding. This enables testers to create test cases for test automation a lot faster and more accurate.

As Omnext analyses the actual model of your low-code application, the Omnext Fit Test platform is able to create an ‘application blueprint’ of your low-code app. This ‘blueprint’ contains all pages, text boxes, buttons, logic, relations, data-types etc. and forms the perfect basis for automatically generating test cases. By linking the Omnext Fit Test platform to JOSF, you will be able to automatically generate new test-cases and update existing test cases after each Omnext analysis in a heartbeat.