Mendix chooses Omnext for Marketplace evaluations

Omnext, a Valori Solution, partners with Mendix to become the official quality and security evaluation partner for the Mendix Solution Vendor Program

Software Analysis specialist Omnext announced today that it has become the official quality and security evaluation partner for the Mendix Solution Vendor Program.

The Mendix Solution Vendor Program is available for partners that are looking to expand their business and monetize their domain expertise by selling unique customer-centric solutions. The program provides an ideal set of benefits to enable businesses to successfully develop, bring to market, sell, and deploy software solutions built on Mendix’s leading low-code development platform.

For the program Omnext will provide their Fit Test Platform to provide quality and security evaluations for solutions looking to become part of the Mendix Solution Vendor program. This means that every solution that will be offered via the Mendix Solution Vendor program and offered on the Mendix Marketplace will be automatically evaluated against the ISO-25010 industry best practices. These cover Security, Maintainability, Reliability, Performance and the risks related to the use of Open Source components and the implementation of Access Rules. Hence, increasing the overall quality of the solutions being offered to the market via the Solution Vendor Program and limiting risks for both vendors and end users.

The partnership signifies an important impact to the Mendix Solution Vendor program as it allows a streamlined way to evaluate quality and security for our ecosystem of solutions.

Jaco de Vries, CEO at Omnext: “In a world where organizations are becoming ever more dependent on software the need for safe, secure and future proof software solutions is growing rapidly. In response to this need, the Mendix Solution Vendor Program already brings high end software solutions to their users doorstep. On top of that, the partnership between Omnext and Mendix proves that Mendix operates in the vanguard of improving software security amongst the Mendix community, ensuring even more reliable, secure and sustainable software solutions to be offered to the market.”

Jason Enzweiler, Director, Mendix Solution Vendor Program at Mendix: “The Omnext Fit Test Platform will help streamline the quality and security evaluation for the Mendix Solution Vendor Partner Program. This tool will help us ensure that solutions on the program provide high quality and security. In addition, it will provide valuable feedback to our partners to help make their solutions more scalable, maintainable and secure.”

Learn more about the Omnext Fit Test platform.


About Omnext

Omnext, a Valori Solution, has specialized in software analysis for over 20 years and arose from the observation that organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on their software and sometimes struggle with guaranteeing quality and security. To help these organizations (re)gain control of their application landscape through insight and management, Omnext has developed the Omnext Fit Test Platform: a fully automated platform for software quality analysis. The platform provides detailed insight into ISO-25010 quality characteristics such as Maintainability, Performance, Reliability and Security. In addition, it also provides detailed insight in risks associated with the use of Open Source components and the implementation of Access Rules.


About Mendix

Mendix, a Siemens business and the global leader in enterprise low-code, is reinventing how applications are built in the digital enterprise. With Mendix, enterprises can broaden development capability; make intelligent, proactive, and contextual apps; and modernize core systems, while maintaining security, quality, and governance. Globally, 4,000 companies use Mendix.


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