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Mendix quality analysis

Is Mendix your low-code development platform of choice?

Fear not! Omnext is the only software analysis platform that does not only support high-code technologies such as JAVA or C#, but also has full support for so called Model Analysis. This allows you to analyse and safeguard your Mendix applications just the same as you would do with your regular code apps.

Quality analysis

Check the technical quality of your Mendix apps instantly

While building Mendix applications, technical quality indicators such as maintainability, performance, reliability and security are of key importance. The Omnext Software Quality Analysis platform (SQA) allows you to measure your Mendix application against Mendix best practices and monitor the technical quality of your apps during development. 


Have your apps scanned every sprint, every week, every day or every hour. Nothing stands in your way to stay on top of your Mendix app landscape and get the most out of the Mendix platform every day. 

Open Source analysis

Gain insight in the Open Source risks in your Mendix apps

Practically every Mendix application makes use of so called open source components. This is usually a smart thing to do, but you should also be aware of the risks. Are you using the latest available version of a component? Does the component have a ‘risky’ license such as for instance GPL which may have consequences regarding your Intellectual Property? Does your used component contain any known security vulnerabilities?


These are all questions that can be answered within seconds using the Omnext Software Quality Analysis platform (SQA) for Mendix applications. 

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Security analysis

Identify vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations in a heartbeat

Security has become THE hot topic in IT over the last few years. As developers do their outmost best to build safe and secure applications, even developers are only human in the end. In other words, sometimes security risks may be introduced without knowing so. 


Analysing your Mendix application and measuring it against Mendix security best practices helps you and your developers to identify potential security risks before moving your application to production by providing insight in these risk with each and every change. 

Access Rule analysis

Gain instant insight in implemented Access Rules

For most organisations, a data leak or breach is their worst nightmare. Research executed by Omnext and its primary Mendix partners shows that in most cases, data leaks can be traced back to inaccurate configuration of access rules. Even though developers do their outmost best to configure these access rules properly, ever growing and expanding apps make it nearly impossible to keep track of all different settings. 


The Omnext Software Quality Analysis platform (SQA) generates a full CRUDE (create, read, update, delete, execute) overview of your Mendix apps with just a click of a button. Use this overview for either external auditing (e.g. ISO27001 or SOC II) or internal control purposes. 

"We believe that low-code platforms such as Mendix and OutSystems offer great possibilities, but only if you stay on top of your app's quality. Speed should never come at the cost of quality.”
Bryan de Vries - Head of Product Omnext
Function Point analysis

Determine the size of your apps and productivity of your teams

Even though Mendix allows you to build applications at incredible speed, budgeting and estimating the time it takes to realise certain functionality and keep track of productivity is still of key importance. 


The Omnext Software Quality Analysis platform (SQA) allows you to calculate the size of your application (and differences between releases) with just a click of a button. We use our own adjusted version of the IFPUG method to calculate the size of your Mendix apps in Function Points automatically. 


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