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NEWS | Appronto and Omnext support Enexis in further increasing the quality of low-code solutions

Enexis chooses  Omnext again

Appronto and Omnext support Enexis in further increasing the quality of low-code solutions

After an evaluation, grid operator Enexis has again opted for the combination Appronto and Omnext for analyzing applications developed on Mendix’s low-code platform. Enexis has opted for the Omnext Stay Fit & Secure program. Within this program, the smart analysis tools developed by Omnext and Appronto are used to scan whether the Enexis software has been built properly.


More than ninety low-code applications are currently used at Enexis and this number will only grow in the coming years. It is not only crucial to be able to develop and improve applications quickly and efficiently, it is just as important that this is done in a reliable way. Omnext and Appronto’s analysis tools scan the applications and indicate where a solution does not meet the applicable ‘best practices’ via a dashboard. Based on the scores, management can see what the quality of the built apps is, while a developer can zoom in in detail where he needs to make an adjustment to improve the score.


Open Source Checker

The Open Source Checker is one of the distinguishing factors of Omnext and Appronto, and also an important reason why Enexis has chosen this combination. Pieces of open source software are often added to apps. Think of functions such as a smart document generator or a link with Google Maps. The Open Source Checker ensures, among other things, that it is checked whether the open source components used are up-to-date and that there are no legal consequences for the use of the components.

“We are pleased that Enexis realizes that safeguarding quality and reducing security risks are important parts of developing low-code applications. Mendix developers are true professionals and with our analysis tools we want to give them an extra tool to develop even better apps, without sacrificing the speed and efficiency of building with a low-code platform,” says Bryan de Vries , Head of Product at Omnext.

“Just as a butcher cannot inspect its own meat, it is very important that a third party validates our applications. We are very pleased that we can work for Enexis with Omnext, an expert party that not only helps us with the control of low-code, but also with Custom Java and open source. For us, this renewed contract period at Enexis represents a great opportunity to continue building a reliable, innovative and efficient application landscape that contributes to the business goals for one of the largest grid operators in the Netherlands.” says Bas van der Horst, Managing Director of Appronto.