The Risk Findings

The ‘Risk findings’ page shows a more detailed view of all the ‘Best Practice rules’ that have been checked for an application, how many ‘Best Practice findings’ there are per priority (including delta’s between scans) and where these findings are located within your application’s code/model.

Risk scores

The top of the pages shows a number of ‘Risk scores’. Thies scores represents the level of risk in your analyzed application per ‘ISO quality characteristic’ and are based on the ‘Number of best practice checks’ and ‘Number of best practice violations’ per ISO quality characteristic. The risk scores can vary from 0%-100%, where 100% represents full compliance with the checked best practices and hence the lowest level of risk.

Best practice rules grid

The middle of the screen shows a grid which contains a list of all the best practices that have been checked for. The grid can be filtered etc. as one would do in Excel and shows not just the ‘Rule name’ but also the number of findings per rule (and the delta between 2 scans).

The findings grid

The bottom of the screen shows a grid which contains detailed information on actual findings. When a user selects one of the lines in the ‘Best practice rules grid’, he/she will notice that the ‘Findings grid’ will show all findings associated to the selected ‘Best practice rule’.