The Treeview

Next to the ‘Menu’ on the left side of the screen the user can find the ‘Treeview’. The Treeview is a hierarchical representation of your application and shows all elements that have been analyzed. The Treeview’s top levels are based on the different technologies used in an application. For instance, Mendix + JAVA + JavaScript.

The rule of thumb with regards to the Treeview is that whatever you see on the right side of your screen corresponds with the level you have selected in the Treeview. So for instance, if you have selected ‘Mendix’ (technology) in the Treeview, all analysis results shown on the right side of your screen (e.g. in the Dashboard or Risk Findings page) will be regarding ‘Mendix’ only.

This feature allows users to pinpoint certain areas of their application and view analysis results for that particular area only instead of having to go through all the analysis results being thrown in one big pile.

The reverse is also possible. When a user selects a finding in the Risk Findings page, he/she can choose the option to ‘Go to item’. By clicking this button, the Treeview will ‘fold out’ and highlight the element in your application where the specific finding was found.