Whitelist Best Practice Rules

The Omnext Portal allows users with either the ‘Admin’ or ‘Contributor’ role to ‘Whitelist Best Practice Rules’. Whitelisting a Best Practice Rule will disable the entire rule and exclude all findings related to the Rule from your analysis results.

NOTE: A whitelisted Best Practice Rule does not ‘delete’ the findings from your results. They are simply ‘filtered’ from the Omnext Portal front-end and can be ‘included’ again at any time.

Step 1

Once you have logged-on to the Omnext Portal and you have chosen the application of which you would like to see the analysis results from the ‘My Portals’ page, navigate to the ‘Risk Findings’ page.

The middle of the screen shows a grid which contains a list of all the best practices that have been checked for.

Step 2

If you would like to Whitelist a Best Practice Rule, click the ‘Dotted icon’ left to a ‘Best Practice Rule’ in the grid. This will show you a menu.

Step 3

Click ‘Add to whitelist’ in the menu. This will open a pop-up.

Step 4

Whitelisting follows the principle of ‘comply or explain’. Hence, if you would like to whitelist a Rule, you will be asked to provide a ‘Description’ or explanation on why you would like to whitelist this Rule. This Description will also be visible to other users.

Once you have filled in the Description, click the ‘Add to whitelist’ button. The Rule will now be whitelisted and your analysis results will be updated accordingly.

Step 5

If you would like to ‘review whitelisted Rules’ you can navigate to the ‘Whitelist’ page from the menu on the left side of your screen. The Whitelist page shows you how many and which Rules have been whitelisted, when they have been whitelisted and by whom.

To view more details on each whitelisted Rule click the ‘Dotted icon’ left to a whitelisted Rule and click ‘Details’. This will open a pop-up showing more information on the whitelisted Rule.

If you would like to undo the whitelisting and ‘Include’ the whitelisted Rule again, simply select ‘Include’ from the menu. This will de-whitelist the Rule again.