Software analysis as a service

Omnext offers a multitude of different analyses types

Whether you want to analyze the technical quality of your apps, make sure they are free of security risks or want to know if your apps contain any legal/IP risks, Omnext offers the solution. 

Quality analysis

Keep your applications free of technical debt

Software that is built following Best Practice guidelines is more likely to have a longer life-span and bring greater value to their users for a longer period of time. They are also easier to maintain, which lowers overall maintenance costs. In other words, software that is built well is more future-proof.

Omnext evaluates the maintainability, architecture and future-proofness of your software based on Industry Best Practices and Guidelines and enables organizations to monitor the technical quality of their software applications continuously.

Security analysis

Keep your applications safe and secure

Nowadays, preventing software security threats and data leaks are at the top of each CIO’s priority list. Having a security breach can have huge implications for the organization facing it. Therefore, preventing these kind of threats is of key importance. 

Omnext analyses your software’s source code following the OWASP-10 and SANS-25 security guidelines to identify any potential security risks that are hidden within your software. 

Open source analysis

Identify any used Open Source components and legal risks

The use of so called Open Source Components when building software is common practice and in fact, it may speed up software development. However, some Open Source Components may contain known security risks, may no longer be supported or contain licenses that may pose a risk for your intellectual property.

Omnext analyses your software’s source code and identifies any used Open Source Components, the applied versions and licenses. This way, you will reduce the risk within your software from both a security and an intellectual property perspective.

Business rule mining

Re-document your legacy applications before re-building

Today’s organizations are becoming more-and-more dependent on their software systems. These software systems need to be able to adjust to changing environments and requirements. Thus, software legacy is becoming an increasing challenge for these organizations.

Modernizing these legacy systems is becoming a must-do, but this also comes with challenges. What business logic is in my existing application? Which parts may be re-used? What are current dependencies between components? Omnext can provide you with the required insight to deal with these modernization challenges.