The Fit Test Platform

All your software quality insights in one (SaaS) platform. 

The Omnext Fit Test platform has been developed by Omnext to help both managers and software developers gain insight in their application’s technical quality and risks. The platform automatically analyses your applications source code or model (low-code) and measures it against Industry Best Practices and the ISO-25010 Standard for Software Quality. This allows you to monitor the technical state of your application in a fully automated way.

Risk identification

Identify the areas in your app that contain the highest risk

Identify those modules, packages, classes and/or operations in your application that contain the highest risk or technical debt. You no longer have to search through the entire stockpile of findings yourself.

Risk pinpointing

Pinpoint areas for improvement

Instantly identify where potential improvements can be made. Whether they are on the module, package, class, operation or even line of code level. The Fit Test platform pinpoints exactly where to look in your app so you can start making improvements right away.

Risk finding whitelisting

Add context to your analysis results by accepting findings

Some findings may be built in your app by choice. The Fit Test platform allows you to accept findings and thus add context to your analysis results.