All you need to know about your software!


  • Insight in the state of your software systems
  • Accelerate software development
  • Control software development
  • Better use of IT resources


  • Automated analysis of software systems
  • Secure Cloud solution
  • Online analysis portal
  • Expert Reviews and consultancy


  • ISO25010 software analysis
  • Omnext analysis methods & metrics
  • Metrics for modernization, technical debt, security, complexity, open source components etc.


  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Better use of IT resources
  • Improved agility and qualtiy
  • Lifecycle insight in design, redesign, transition, development, maintenance and performance optimization processes.

What we analyze

Are there any hidden defects in your code and what is the effort to fix them?

Technical Debt icon

Technical debt

Are there any changes in your code compared to previous versions?

Changes icon


Does your code contain any unnecessary complexity?

Complexity icon


Does your code contain any Corporate Risk Policy violations?

Risk icon


How many function points does your software have?

Functional Size icon

Functional Size

Does your code contain any unnecessary duplicated code?

Duplication icon


Does your code contain any "dangerous" open source licenses?

Open Source icon

Open Source

What is the overall health of your system?

System Health icon

System Health

Is your software secure?

Stability icon


Is your software still testable?

Testability icon


Have best practices been applied while building your software?

Best Practices icon

Best Practices

What functionality and business rules does your software contain?

Functionality icon