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Is your organization in control of the state of your application portfolio? Complex maintenance projects, new developments adding to tomorrow's maintenance load, create an ever-increasing demand on IT resources. Our goal is to give organizations the capability to establish control and accelerate (outsourced) software development, maintenance, modernization and rationalization processes.


We deliver on-demand fact-based transparency in a fully automated easy-to-use portal for both operational and management usage. We provide the service on a payment-per-usage basis, delivered through a cost-effective (cloud) solution.


Our cloud based service analyses your software and reports on how the software is being developed, or maintained and identifies where it can be improved. Our analysis also accelerates your software modernization and rationalization processes. The analysis results in combination with our expert reviews, advice and support provide you with all the tools you need to improve your software quality.


Cost reduction, improved agility and quality - driven by fact based communication in software (out)sourcing across the whole application lifecycle covering design, redesign, transition, development, maintenance and performance optimization.

Gartner 2014 - Cool Vendor
ISO 27001:2005
ASQ - 2015 proud member - The Global Voice of Quality
Secure Software Foundation

What we analyze

Are there any hidden defects in your code and what is the effort to fix them?

Technical Debt icon

Technical debt

Are there any changes in your code compared to previous versions?

Changes icon


Does your code contain any unnecessary complexity?

Complexity icon


Does your code contain any Corporate Risk Policy violations?

Risk icon


How many function points does your software have?

Functional Size icon

Functional Size

Does your code contain any unnecessary duplicated code?

Duplication icon


Does your code contain any "dangerous" open source licenses?

Open Source icon

Open Source

What is the overall health of your system?

System Health icon

System Health

Is your software still stable under stress?

Stability icon


Is your software still testable?

Testability icon


Have best practices been applied while building your software?

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Best Practices

What functionality and business rules does your software contain?

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